Single Visit STEAM Lessons


These one day visits are an intensive all day experience for ONE class (20-30 students max).   You will need to treat this day like an on-site field trip!  Each lesson will be tailored for your students and will include an interdisciplinary lesson, design work and fabrication using the mobile fab lab!  Check out the lessons below!

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Seasonal Little Sculptures – These adorable projects are great for students K-3! They get the opportunity to see how the laser cutter works, put something together and decorate it with markers, crayons or glitter.  These are perfect for holiday gifts for families!

Fall:  Autumn Leaves, Halloween Pumpkins and Thanksgiving Turkeys

Winter: Ornaments- trees, snowman, snowflakes

Sprint: Flowers with pictures

Laser cut Keychains or Nametags (4-8)  Students can create a keychain or nametag!


Keychains can be robots, skeletons, or puzzle boxes!




Image result for wooden keychain with name

 Trees through the Seasons (K-2) This is a perfect activity for younger students K-2!  Students begin by talking about seasons and how they effect the leaves around us!   This art and science lesson allows students to color leaves for all season and create a LaserCut tree to glue their leaves.









Create your own Mask (k-4) This activity can be done with students of any grade!  After learning about a different culture students can decorate their own mask!  Or this can be paired with the ‘create your own super hero activity and students can decorate a superhero mask.



Create your own Avatar Magnet (3-8)  Students will design their own avatar and use the laser to engrave it onto a magnet.


Custom Stickers (2-8) Students will learn about Adinkra Symbols before designing their own personal symbol and writing a personal mantra.  This lesson is great for socio-emotional learning!


Puzzles(k-8) Students will learn about tessellating shapes before creating their own, coloring it on a piece of wood, and cutting it into a custom puzzle. This lesson can be adapted for students in K-8th grade.