EPC DF+STEM Lab Workshops + Making Hours


Once a month we will host a workshop at the EPC DF+STEM Lab.  These workshops will be single session events open to any CMSD teacher who would like to learn more about that month’s topic.    A schedule can be seen below.  If you are interested in attending a workshop, please sign up up below to receive emails when registration opens.

If a teacher attends at least 3 workshops on the same technology they MAY qualify to be able to ‘rent’ that technology for use in their own classroom.

Workshops Include:

  • 3D modeling for mastery
  • 3D printing in a formal education setting
  • Using a desk top Vinyl Cutter for rigorous learning
  • Simple Electronics
  • Logo Design, buttons, stickers, tshirts and more

These workshops are voluntary. 


For teachers who have already been a part of the MFL Fellowship program, or attended at least 1 workshop, please stop by to utilize any of the technology in Lab with assistance!  Open Making Hours are on a first come, first serve basis as of right now.  If they become crowded we may  have a sign up for me.