Borrow Fab Lab Equipment

The CMSD Fab Lab is stocked with fab equipment waiting to be put to use in your classrooms! Below is a list of the machines and materials available in the fab lab. To check out materials from the fab lab, teachers must attend a workshop or training session at the EPC STEAM Lab, please reach out to the Fab Lab Manager at, or sign up for our newsletter.

Check out this list of supplies to see what is currently available. -coming soon

3D Printers

The CMSD Fab Labs has Flash Forge Finder and Inventor printers available for teachers to borrow. These are amazing printers that are easy to use and can bring student learning to life. The Fab Lab has 3D printers to borrow for your classroom as well as all the filament you could need. NOTE: you must install Flash Print to your laptop to use this machine

Click here to see some examples of 3D printing projects

Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus 15" EasyWeed Bundle | Heat Transfer Warehouse

Vinyl Cutters

These Silhouette Cameo machines are great for creating 2 dimensional designs such as stickers, labels, and paper shapes. They can be used to make logos, tshirts and more. The fab lab has machines that can be borrowed and all the vinyl you could need to create amazing projects. Note: You must install SILHOUETTE STUDIO onto a laptop to use this machine.

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Paper Circuits : 8 Steps - Instructables

Paper Circuits

Paper circuits are a great, low tech way to talk about science with students and create some fun projects. The fab lab can provide copper tape, batteries, clips and LEDs for all of your students as well as training on how to use these materials.

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Makey Makeys

Makey Makeys are an invention kit to introduce students to the world of coding in a fun and interactive way. The Fab Lab has class sets (12 kits) that can be borrowed for your classroom as well as training on how to use these fun tools.

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1 Inch Button Maker | Button Press Machine | ButtonMakers

Button Makers

Button makers are a great, low tech, easy, way to take your project to the next level. These machines are easy to use and can be used with just paper and markers or incorporated into a computer design project. The fab lab has button makers to borrow and all the materials you need to create buttons.

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Heat Press

A heat press is a large iron like machine that can be used along with a vinyl cutter to create custom t-shirts or canvas bags. The Fab Lab has one heat press to borrow.

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